Helpforce WinFold

Helpforce WinFold allows you to create executable foldersWinFold allows you to create executable folders which will run applications, load files or even media when double clicked. As well as being convenient to distribute, all WinFold folders are compressed which means you can save on storage and bandwidth.


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File Size: 238Kb
Supports: All windows versions
Requirements: Java Virtual Machine


Helpforce WinFold creates executable folders for Windows
Helpforce WinFold - Executable folders for Windows

Folders are great, they contain all your documents, pictures, movies and programs and hold them nicely so that you can organise your machine. WinFold takes this concept a stage further, allowing you to create executing folders which will automatically load and run your chosen applications or media when opened.

While WinFold has been designed to be very simple to use, its rich configuration options for advanced users mean that you can tune your WinFold folders to be as simple or elaborate as you want.

With advanced compression as standard, WinFold even saves you disk space, download time and bandwidth what ever the use of your executing folders.

It is often the case that when a user installs a program many files must first be transferred. With WinFold these are all hidden away in a single, compressed, folder which will be run and updates as needed.

Your applications need to update files during run? No problem! WinFold automatically updates the executing folder as required by your programs allowing for files to be added, changed or deleted just like normal folders.

This is an extremely useful, versatile tool and has proven to be very useful for tasks such as web designing, distributing programs, installers, zip archives and storage of data and better yet, its free!

Who will find this useful?

  • Webmasters - All your files can be in one single executing folder which will load the page in a browser when clicked. This is great for sending your work to clients and collegues so that they can conveniently view your work.
  • Programmers - Ever had the problem of needing to distribute applications, data files and resources (images, movies, sound etc)? Whilst a ZIP file can package and compress, it can not provide the same flexability as WinFold folders, nore can it dynamically update the contents whilst being run. Why not make life easy for your users - just package the application into a WinFold folder and then, with minimal configuration, your users will seamlessly be able to install and use your product.
  • Computer users - WinFold folders are compressed by default, meaning you get far more disk space than using normal folders. Ever wanted to send files amongst friends - WinFold folders are very easy to distribute as it is a single download.
  • Java programmers - Why not combine multiple Jars into a single WinFold folder? When your users click the folder you can easily set what jars are to be run.... but why even use Jars? WinFold allows you to seamlessly package and configure the contents far more powerfully than existing solutions.