Here at Helpforce we believe that innovation is the best way to help our users solve their technical support questions. To this end past and present we have created many experimental systems some of which we have been able to pull through into products.


Innovating technical support

After many years of providing technical support we realised that having to wait for volunteers to answer questions was not the best way of helping our users. We also realised that for the vast majority of questions, these have already been asked and answered elsewhere - the trick is just to know where to look and what, differently worded, questions are infact the same.

eHelp continually scourers the internet looking for technical resources which are then analysed, rated and added to our extensive library. Using our advanced technology we then match questions and queries to our library of knowledge and immediately bring back suggestions for solving the technical issue.

eHelp has been designed so that it can be used by third parties freely and easily. We provide templates for embedding in websites and a full programmable API such that it can be used in more complex products.
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Whether you are a seasoned expert or looking to discover new skills, all the technical information available online is an excellent resource to learn from. However, it is often difficult to find this new and useful information because it is located in different places and can be quite a challenge to identify what is good from what is bad.

Here at Helpforce we have solved this problem! Throughout the day our advanced systems will check through millions of technical articles in many different categories and select the most useful and informative for you. Constantly updated and managed, you can even subscribe to individual categories that interest you the most. For your convenience we also provide deliver this information via RSS feeds and social networking.
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Nowadays it is almost mandatory to install certain software in order to keep your machine safe and in top condition throughout its lifetime. With all the software out there, the challenge is often to identify the best one for your needs. In eDownloads we have fully tested and selected specific software which we believe will suit you and your machine.

We have also included or written simple installation and usage guides where this is lacking to get you started as easily as possibleClick here to visit Helpforce eDownloads